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Main Menu items management

Main Menu items management

Magento 1.x does not include a menu builder/manager like WP or several other CMSs.

I mean, creating and organizing the main menu item structure. Magento includes categories only.


- At times, I've hardcoded them to the topmenu.phtml of my theme.

- Recently, I've managed it with categories. Create "fake" categories that redirect to a CMS page url, or assign the "content" block of that category to a custom phtml file or static-block.


Never used any extension for this.

PS: I'm not looking for the style part (mega-menus, etc), just a backend way to manage the menu structure.


- How do you handle this? (include links to CMS pages or other modules in the main menu and manage them with a GUI in the backend).



Alex Parra

Re: Main Menu items management

This extension can be used for managing Magento menu


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