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Making a national store international

Making a national store international



First of all, this is my first post in this board so a general "hi! Smiley Happy".

I hope you can assist me with the following situation:


We currently run an Austrian shop in a store view called "Österreich" (Meaning Austria), which runs under /at and is completely in german.

Now, we'd like to add other countries and languages.

Let's take the following example: Switzerland

Of course, a store view called "Austria", running under /at isn't the best starting position, especially when it's about a .eu domain.

In addition, we may have to change prices, products, the currency (even though this is optional), tax configuration, languages (starting with german and adding french, italian and english).


Do you have any suggestions how to do this?

Is it a new store view?
Is it a new magento installation?
Is it a language switch?

and so on.


I'm especially considered about SEO effects of a .eu domain in Switzerland and when changing the link structure, even though we could fix this with redirects of course.


Do you see any more potential problems?

Thank you very much in advance!


Re: Making a national store international

It's ok to have a multi language site from an SEO perspective. However, don't forget to use hreflang tags.

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Re: Making a national store international


Thanks for your answer!

Well, it's not only about the SEO aspects of a multilingual site.


The most important thing for us is to decide whether we have to create a new website or if a store view is sufficient (especially when we'd like to change prices, currency and so on).

In addition, I'm asking my self if for example we decide to use a .ch domain and not something like .eu/ch if we'd run into a duplicate content problem as the content would be the same under .ch and .eu/at even though we'd use canonical links.

But then, using canonical links, I ask myself if one of the sites would not rank good.


Re: Making a national store international

@tech123gmbh, If you are looking for price changes, Based on your criterias You have to create new Website because you want to set different price per different store.

You can set price per website basis in magento.


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