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Meaning of paths besides [STORE VIEW]


Meaning of paths besides [STORE VIEW]

Hi guys,


I was wondering what the meaning of the paths besides [STORE VIEW] in config is. Like this:


[STORE VIEW] sales_email/invoice/attachpdf

[STORE VIEW] sales_email/invoice/attachagreement

[STORE VIEW] sales_email/invoice/attachfile


I have one shop which shows these paths and another one which doesn't. Both seem to be working just fine. Now I installed an extension which is working on the one which shows the paths but not on the one which doesn't, so I was wondering if this is connected.


Thanks a lot!


Re: Meaning of paths besides [STORE VIEW]

I've not seen this before but it sounds like your site has been customised by a developer or extension to show the config path in the admin view. This is the path that is the key in the database (in core_config_data) for saving configuration settings.  I don't think it's anything to worry about. 

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