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Menulinks after changing domain


Menulinks after changing domain

I have moved a Magento 1.9 instllation to a new server.

In the database I have changed the base_url for both secure and unsecure to new domain.

In the frontend I can see that images has the new domins ind their url, but my menu hasn't. It is still the old domain.

I have cleared var/cache several times and deleted browser cache. Tried different browsers and different machines on different locations.

Where to look now?


Re: Menulinks after changing domain

Hi @Jeppe D,


You should check your code to be sure no full url's were harcoded.

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Re: Menulinks after changing domain

Hello @Jeppe D


Make sure website wise site URL, and link URL same as a domain.


Also, check from where menu coming, maybe you created a static block for that, then check that block.


If any caching mechanism use then flushes all caches and try it.


Hope it will help you.



Re: Menulinks after changing domain


I am quite new to Magento. Can you guide me to where I can find the file
regarding the navigation?
I found af rewrite rule in the .htaccess file, but it was not that
causing the problem.

Re: Menulinks after changing domain

Navigation file comes from PHP file,

Look at below path in your Magento module,

Vendor/magento/module-theme/Block/Html/Topmenu.php file.


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Re: Menulinks after changing domain

Hello @Jeppe D


As I checked via TeamViewer, it is coming from static block and name of the block is main_navigation and in that he added as static URL , i mention to use


{{store url='test'}} to dynamic url.