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Module Roles Problem

Module Roles Problem



We have installed the module bannerpopup by Magebuzz The module has installed fine however only admins with full access can view and use the module in the back end. As soon as a user role is changed to custom resource access it disappears. I wondered if anyone knew of a way of fixing this issue as we do not seem to be getting a reply from the developers.


Re: Module Roles Problem

Hello jasonatextra,


I think if you decide to use this extension! I recommend you should check SUPEE-6788 for your site and this extension

Back to this extension, we meet Access denied because wrong config node in adminhtml.xml, acl node should be changed to:

        <title>Allow Everything</title>
          <cms translate="title" module="cms">
              <bannerpopup translate="title">
                <title>Banner Popup</title>
                   <items module="bannerpopup">
                     <title>Manage Banners</title>
                  <config module="bannerpopup">


And add _isAllowed() function to  controller adminhtml:


protected function _isAllowed()
    return Mage::getSingleton('admin/session')->isAllowed('cms/bannerpopup/items');

You should read more here:


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