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Most Efficient Backup Method

Most Efficient Backup Method



I would like to know what the most efficient backup method would be for taking an entire backup of Magento. I have currently been doing it through CPanel (File manager) and copying all the files from there, my understanding is that Magento has it's own system backup including a database backup. Would this be the most ideal backup method? And in the likelihood that there is a problem with the site, the process of restoring the site back to it's original state won't cause too much of a problem?


Many Thanks.


Re: Most Efficient Backup Method

Apologies for bumping this topic, but any answers to this?

Re: Most Efficient Backup Method

Hi @I_K22

I've tried to answer you here a few times but my messages wouldn't post somehow.


What I wanted to point out is that there is a detailed post of how to back up Magento yourself with scripts included on our blog. What is more, we have a special Cloud Backup extension which works automatically in case you don't want to create backups yourself. The module is available for Magento 1 as well as for Magento 2.

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Re: Most Efficient Backup Method

@I_K22I'll recommend to talk to your hosting provider. They should be able to do it for you. They can setup incremental/full backup I guess once a day. In case of emergency they can recover your site from the back ups. You may lose data for couple of hours but it would be more promising and reliable to have hosting provider handle it.


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