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Multi Store View - Attribute Management

Multi Store View - Attribute Management

Hi there


My client has a multi store installation with aroun 30 store views.


They have an attribute for size with at least 30 different options here.


As you can imagine, 30 different options with 30 store views means that the 'Manage Options' table within the attribute is very tricky to manage - particularly when trying to add new options and reorder them.


Is there a better way to manage these attribute options? Really there is no need to list every store view within this section as different labels are not required between store views. If there is a way we could get rid of the store view columns in the section this would help. Is there a way of doing this?




Re: Multi Store View - Attribute Management




I recommend you to use an extension like this one:


By doing that, you can create the products by importing a CSV file, which means that you can easily use the same values for the attribute values from all the store views.


That is just a workaround. If you want to improve the attribute management for the products in the admin, you could customize the template to include a button that you can click to apply the same value to all fields for the store views.

Best regards.


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Re: Multi Store View - Attribute Management

Also, a very good idea is to switch you indexes from update on save to manual. Otherwise they get updated for every store view whenever you save which may slow things down to crawl.

Tanel Raja