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Multi language store (categories)


Multi language store (categories)

Hi all,


I have a store in english and german. If I create a category for english store, it will be also show on german store. 

Where can be a mistake?



Re: Multi language store (categories)

Hi @smartgrafik 


There are a few options if you want to have categories differenciated between stores, first of all you can have different Store Groups on each store with a different root category. Or you can create your Category as inactive and then choosing your english store in the dropdown to the top left, and setting it active there.


However if you want a totaly different category structure in your german / or english store, first create a new Root Categories in:


Catalog > Manage Categories > Add Root Category


Then you can set up a new store group this up in:


System > Manage Stores 


And here pressing Create Store and choosing your different root category. Then finding your store view and associating it with your new store group.


I hope this helps :-)


Re: Multi language store (categories)

You are fantastic, many thanks!!

Re: Multi language store (categories)



I am witing you because I need to setup the following structure at Magento > default language (ES) and web navigation skipping /es/


I want to navigate directly through domain when default language, avoid the /es/ directory.


How should I setup Magento store views?