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Multiple customer groups

Multiple customer groups

Hi All - hoping somebody can help me configure my 1.9 store with the following:-

We sell to educational and regular business. Ive added a customer group called "educational", and then special pricing of products for anybody in that group... so educational users get 10% discount from products.

ive set another customer group called "ZERO RATED VAT". Some of our customers buy products for medical research, and dont pay VAT on the product. However, the same product can be bought by a cusotmer not doing medical research, so they pay normal VAT.

I now have a university customer, who needs both the product discount AND zero rated VAT. Looks like i cant add a customer into 2 groups. I'm stumped in coming up with a solution that works in this case, without having to duplicate my whole product line in the catalogue and having the same product twice (VAT and NON vat)


Can anyone thing of any workarounds? I'd very much appreciate it.


Re: Multiple customer groups

I don't know how many primary groups do you have there, but you can always create combined groups: one for educational customers, one for zero-vat customer and one for zero-vat education customers. It's not very elegant way to to solve the issue, but gets stuff done.

Tanel Raja

Re: Multiple customer groups

Exactly. That just shows how use this system for the benefit of the different user groups like  students, educators, etc. If users are registering they might be assigned one of the  multiple user groups and receive  instruction via