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Multiple language store views not saving

Multiple language store views not saving

I'm running a Magento 1.7 store with two store views. One in English the other in French. One of my coworkers pointed out an error with our translations. I went in to the product in question to edit the title and description. When in the English view I correct the Now the french view it has the english title for some reason...change it to the proper french Return to the English view and its now FRENCH!!! and it keeps doing it. If I change the English view to use default only which has been setup in the English translations. The french checkbox for default will also activate on it own and go back to english.

Not sure whats going on is this a bad setting in attributes?


Re: Multiple language store views not saving

You probably need to change scope before you change view specific content. Sounds like you just changed defaults.

Tanel Raja