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Multistore/Multisite Stock Management with Amazon Fulfillment Plugin

Multistore/Multisite Stock Management with Amazon Fulfillment Plugin

I currently have three websites setup that are all using the same catalog since they share the same products. Each site is setup to have their own store views since the sites are in different countries.  They were setup as different websites since they needed diffeerent admin configurations. Two of the sites are managing stock without the use of the amazon fulfilmment plugin and are manually tracking stock.  I'm running into a lot of configuration setups since it doesn't appear that you can manage each stores QTY independently from eachother.  Ideally, this is the setup I am looking to have...


Website A - uses fulfillment by amazon plugin to sync stock and fulfill orders automatically. 


Webstite B,C - need to be independant from the amazon sync but still share the same catalog/products.


1. I do not want to duplicate products in order to manage them separately.  This will cause too much redundency and risks being inconsistent or lacking data integrity. 


2. Would like the ability to manage stock independent per site but I still want to sync amazon on Website A.  


3.  Website B, C use different table rates for shipping quotes. 


4. Eventually Website B,C may be fulfilled by amazon and in that case I was looking for the propper configuartion to use three sites with three different fulfillment marketplaces. 



If there is anyone who has a simliar setup or has expereince with a similar situation as this please let me know. I am currently running community and have the new version of the amazon fulfillment plugin installed.  It is succesfully syncing with amazon and sending orders for Website A but cannot change Website B, C' s QTY. 

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