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New EU VAT/TAX configuration

New EU VAT/TAX configuration


from july 2021, each EU country that sells to other EU countries, should include destination country VAT in their invoices. For example, in Spain we have 21% VAT and in Germany, 19% VAT. If I send a product from Spain to Germany, the invoice should show 19% VAT.

I tried to configure tax rules and Magento works like that:


- It checks the destination country from the logged user.

- It deducts the VAT from the sending country and then adds the VAT from the destination country.


The main problem, is that the product price including taxes is different depending on where the customer is from. And that's a problem if your suppliers ask you to have allways the same SRP shown on the weppage.


For example, if the SRP is 200€, the price shown for a german customer would be:


200€ - 21% = 165,289€ -> adding 19% german VAT = 196,69€


What I want to achieve is that inside the EU, all customers pay the same, but on their invoices, the VAT show different amounts.


Is that possible?


Thank you very much!!!!


Do you know a way to solve it?


Thank you very much!!!


Re: New EU VAT/TAX configuration

Hi there! It's definitely challenging to navigate the new EU VAT rules.

Re: New EU VAT/TAX configuration

Have you tried using a VAT calculator to help you determine the correct amounts for each invoice? As for your question, I'm not sure if it's possible to have all EU customers pay the same price while showing different VAT amounts on their invoices. Perhaps there's a workaround or a specific configuration in Magento that can help with that. Have you reached out to Magento support or community for assistance?