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Ogone defined... "Processed Ogone Payment"

Ogone defined... "Processed Ogone Payment"

What or how is the word "Ogone" being used and what does it mean?  I'm setting up BrainTree to be used for CC processing and upon asking them, they said that Magento used the term and to ask them... So I did some research and either it is one of two things, neither of which answers my question of how is it used in "Processed Ogone Payment".


1. A payment processor in the EU

2. A term meaning "a transaction between two businesses using technology to offer benefits to either party"  (We here in red-neck American call that stuff "eCommerce"... I'm just saying! ;-)  )


Some coming full circle, what does "Processed Ogone Payment" mean in terms of payment processing as used in Magento and more importantly how does it compare with the other option provided, "Processing".


Thanks for any insight into the mystery of Ogone.