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Option Pricing for different customer groups

Option Pricing for different customer groups



Setting up my first Magento store.


This store is intended for several customers i.e. retail, wholesale tier 1, wholesale tier 2, wholesale tier 3, and wholesale tier 4.


Most of our products are very similar but have 'options' which may or may not add to the price.  I see how to setup 'options' and the related prices, but these option prices seems to add to the retail price of the products.  Is there a way to get these option prices to reflect accurate pricing for each customer group?


For example.  A retail customer would pay the retail price for the base product and retail price for the option(s) selected.  I do not see a way to setup a wholesale tier 1 price for product options?  


Or, is there a way to setup group pricing for a product based on 'discounts' off from the list price?  For example.  retail price for the base product is $80 + retail options selected +$20 = $100.  Wholesale Tier 1 discount is 25% off from retail price = $75 (this would represent proportionally discounted options selected also).




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Re: Option Pricing for different customer groups

You have number of different options, but I recommend to look more deeply into two of them: Group Prices (you find it from product Price tab, it allows group specific prices) and Catalog Price Rules under Promotions (allows group specific discounts).

Tanel Raja

Re: Option Pricing for different customer groups

Thanks for the ideas Pronto.


But, neither of these address production 'options' pricing.  I can setup discount structures or promotions for groups.

But, for some reason, Magento does not discount the 'options' for these products just the same.


For example.  I sell our products to different Wholesale groups.  Each get a different discount.


Shirt Price $10


small +$0

medium +$2

large +$3


If I setup my 'wholesale group 1' to get 10% discount, this discounts the $10 to $9, but does not discount the 'option adder'.  It still adds $0, $2, or $3.  So therefore, the option price adders are not accurate for my Wholesale customers.  They are only good for retail.


It seems there might be some 'work arounds', but they cause a lot of headache and a lot of work when we have many products with options and 4 different levels of Wholesalers.  It just seems too simple to apply the same discount to the 'options adder' as is being applied to the product 'base price'.  Simple.


Any more ideas?





Re: Option Pricing for different customer groups

Well, there're also Configurable Products that can be used this way.

Tanel Raja