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Option on product page

Option on product page



I was trying to add an option at the product page.

Like a selection of additional services or option for product.


I try did try the custom option on the product page at back end.

Its work,  but I need to change the option on each product. 

I want to have general option that when we apply it will automatically change the option for the whole product on the sistem.


I did try the configurable product option, but I was not able to make it work.


Is some one had any other suggestion, beside using the configurable product? perhaps it can be solved by installing etc.


Many thanks



Re: Option on product page

There are a number of product extensions that allow this function


Here is one



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Re: Option on product page

Thanks for the reply.


Is there any free extension that offer similar feature that you know?

I know that it will not have a best feature, but at least it can help provide simple solution.