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Order - Sales - Complete

Order - Sales - Complete


When in the admin >Orders > Sales using the checkbox on the left side and bulk action mark as complete, is there a way to force Magento to send an email to the customer when the order is marked as complete?


Basically, when an order is placed the order email gets sent to the customer with a BCC sent to the admin, but nothing is sent after that, due to the way the company I work for use Magento, once the order has been received and dealt with internally (again nothing is set up to notify the customer during this process) they mark the orders from Processing to Complete within the Admin by clicking the checkbox the orders they need to mark as complete, then on the Actions drop down select complete.

All through the process the only email the customer has is the initial order email, I need to setup something so it fires an email to the customer to notify them that the order has been processed and marked as dispatch possibly with the shipping method they selected at checkout, to let them know when they expect the Items they have ordered, instead of relying on the original email sent.
If anyone knows the best approach please let me know.

Thanks in advance