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i have 2 problems to solve...

i can not see anymore the detailled infos of the order:


The Magento CH site is not accessible..

magento uebersicht.PNG

How i can solve this problem?


Thanks for help.








Re: Order

Hi @sportfreaks_ch,


I guess you're having at least 2 problems there:


  1. The first screenshot looks like not all the page was loaded. Normally that can be an error 500 on your server (for some reason). You should activate your Magento logs and check also the webserver error log. Sometimes, the broweser console could help you too.
  2. On screenshot #2 you're getting an 4040 error. That means that you're trying to load a page (I guess, on a remote server) that isn't available anymore. In this case using your browser console will help you to confirm what I'm saying.


Plase take a look to those things and once you got the answer maybe we can help a little bit more.


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