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Ordering beyond out of stock


Ordering beyond out of stock

So my store's owner wants items that go below a quantity of 1, since we deal with fabrics that is 1 yard of fabric, to be out of stock. However users can order like 1.25 yards, that sort of thing. So what I am asking is if there is a way to set items to go out of stock at 1 yard AND still be able to order an item in a quantity that will place that order out of stock?


For example I have a fabric that has 2 yards in stock. I want to order 1.5 yards. It can't be done. I can only order 1 yard.


Any help appreciated Smiley Happy


Re: Ordering beyond out of stock

Hi @letssewllc,


Yes, you definitely can do that. You just have to enable the following setting in the system configuration page:


System > Configuration > Inventory - Stock Options > Backorders

Set to “allow quantity below 0 and notify customer”



Best regards.

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Re: Ordering beyond out of stock

@Gabriel Guarino I figured that would be how to do it, but I wasn't 100% sure. Thanks

Re: Ordering beyond out of stock

@Gabriel Guarino


I know it has been awhile on this post, but I just found this out a few days ago. If I use the backorder option it works a little too well. It allows people to order beyond the out of stock point of 1, however those items that are below the 1 quantity threshold are no longer put out of stock automatically. Is there a way to have both? In other words, can I have it to where if someone wants 2.5 out of 3 of something it will allow them to make that order and after the order is completed that product will go out of stock.