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Payment Method Change

Payment Method Change

We are new to the magento universe, and have found some issues that are making our operations very slow.

My question on regards to payment methods is, why cannot you change the payment method for an existing order? If I get an phone order, then the customer sends a check, the check bounces, then customer gives us a credit card, why can we not change the payment method to credit card? This is just not right. 

Have tried creating an invoice, then if the initial order had check/money order as the payment method, it stays as that, any ideas on how to fix this? And again, why can the payment method not be changed? 

Thanks for your suggestions.


Re: Payment Method Change

Hi @elgueraf,


What you can do is to edit an order.


Área de trabajo 1_006.pngOrder pending

 The order is Pending (I've used an offline payment method, as you described). So now I click on "Edit" button at top.


Área de trabajo 1_007.pngOrder edit confirmation



You have to accept in order to continue.


Área de trabajo 1_008.pngOrder edit





Now you can change values of the order. Even the payment and shipment method.


Área de trabajo 1_009.pngOrder edit

 Once you save the new order, th eold one will be cancelled and the new one will have the same number plus "-1" (or -2, -3 or wahtever the next number should be).



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