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Processing Saved CC orders

Processing Saved CC orders

Hi, I accidentally left enabled the saved CC payment method, I usually use it to test the checkout process, and some orders were created with this payment method. I have a manual credit card payment terminal, and would like to process them.

In the documentation it states: This option gives you the ability store credit card numbers to process offline. This method is useful when you have a card terminal in a “brick and mortar” store, or have access to a virtual terminal. As with all online payment methods, it is highly recommended that you configure an SSL certificate for your store.


My problem is that I can't access the credit card information to process these orders. On the order details page, in the payment information box it just lists the last 4 numbers and expiration date. Is there any way to access the full information to process this orders?






Re: Processing Saved CC orders

Do you have access to your database?


Look for this table "sales_flat_order_payment" and then the column ""cc_number_enc" does it have a value like:




You will need to unsalt these.

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