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Product Catalog & Categories Sort LIst

Product Catalog & Categories Sort LIst

Hi All,

 Newbie here.

Would like to ask if there's any possible way to mass change all of categories


Product >


Categories : Mass change "Default Product Listing Sort By" ? instead of doing it one by one?


Thanks in advance Smiley Very Happy








Re: Product Catalog & Categories Sort LIst

Hi @Hydeistlee,

Maybe the easiest way it could be using the dataflow and import (upodate) those categories with the new value?


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Re: Product Catalog & Categories Sort LIst

Hi @Hydeistlee


You can use import as stated above.

But if there are more bulk actions that you need to complete, you can try this tool


It can mass assign categories, change product relations, prices and so on. 

Hope that helps!

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Re: Product Catalog & Categories Sort LIst

Hello @Hydeistlee :

agree with Damian Culotta here. This will solve the problem in a manual way.

Another possibility to update your categories is by using the Magento 2 Product Mass Actions Extension. This module will allow you to delete certain categories and then reassign certain products to other categories. If you need to assign or reassign products to multiple categories you can do this directly from the list of products.