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Product attributes that have diff prices


Product attributes that have diff prices

I can't quit figure out what to search for in this forum to get the results on my own sorry, I tried.


We have Model Railroad Structures. Each structure is sold in a different scale, and the price differs between each scale.


I solemnly request help... Please.


Re: Product attributes that have diff prices

Hi Ron, 


Are each of your structures set up as a configurable product with the scales as associated simple products?


If so, in order to have a varying price for each scale you need to make price adjustments in Catalog > Manage Products > *Select the configurable* > Associated Products > Super Products Attributes Configuration section.


The adjustment can be entered as a fixed value or percentage, and is made in relation to the price of the configurable product. So the configurable price should be the same as the cheapest simple


If you require further help on this I would need screenshots or admin credentials to see your products. 



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