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Product filtering without product options

Product filtering without product options

Hey guys I'm going back to Magento after 4 years of using a different E-Commerce system and so far so good! (v1.9.2.4)

My only issue is that I'm not sure how to config my product filtering (Layered Navigation?),

I'm going to have about 150 products in one category (about 5 products in each sub-category of this parent category), and the products have key words (description of type) but not product options (means each unit have few features that customers should be able to filter by, but all of these features applies to this unit, not different units under the same product page).


As far as I understand, Layered Navigation applies to this 3 types of product attributes:

Price - means any numeric value (for example number of pieces?)

Drop Down - means there are different products or options to choose from on each product (for example different SKUs), if I correct it should not be used on my example

Multiple Select - may be relevant in my case, but! the customer should not select the different features on each product because all of the features are applied to the specific product.



What I'm trying to do is basically product filtering similar to Amazon, so customers can choose a category, and then filter the products by the features, size, color they want, until they get the final short list of products that meet their needs.



Many thanks!


Re: Product filtering without product options

Hi @Silvan

You can check out this extension

In addition to many other useful features, it gives advanced filtering options.


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