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RSS feeds are not restricted


RSS feeds are not restricted

I have installed Magento within a subdirectory of my document root, e.g.:

In my .htaccess file found at the root folder of Magento (/estore) I have restricted access to RSS feed as follows:


RewriteRule ^(index.php/?)?rss/catalog/notifystock/? - [NC,L,R=403]

The above works for the below links:

However, the below links are not restricted:

The Base URL declared in Magento configuration at the section System -> Configuration -> Web for both Unsecure and Secure URLs is the same, as I have moved my store to full HTTPS:

I have also modified in the same way the .htaccess file under the document root, but the problem persists.


Re: RSS feeds are not restricted

Hi @dandrikop,


I guess is working under because the .htaccess on that directory.

Has the .htaccess file under the same rule?