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Rebuilding Smart Categories Resets Custom Sort Order

Rebuilding Smart Categories Resets Custom Sort Order

Hello All,


My magento platform has recently been updated to ver. EE and it is the first time i have used Smart Categories and the Visual Merchandiser.


Basically, our web store has many categories of the same products in numerous parent categories across the website. I thought this would be great to use the Smart Category function - Clone Category IDs to stop any inconsistencies with products. So i go ahead, and set up a load of categories to be cloned from a parent category. I rebuild the visual merchandiser categories and any products that did not match were instantly added in. Perfect!


Once my products were added into the categories , i would then sort them with a custom sort order (All Automatic Sorting is Turned OFF by the way, we like to position our products properly Smiley Happy ) This was working all well and good until we Rebuilt the Visual Merchandiser categories again for a second time. This wiped out any sort order that was made previously made and magento replaces it with some really random numbers (eg. 61231, 61232, 61233, 61234...). It looks as if its being sorted by the Product ID which i dont want at all.


Can smart categories be applied and kept to dynamically update over time? Or do they have to be removed after the products have been allocated to relevant category?


I would really appreciate some help on this as i am now having to re-sort over 50 categories manually...


Re: Rebuilding Smart Categories Resets Custom Sort Order

Having this exact error, too. Did you manage to solve it?