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Refresh shipping partner list

Refresh shipping partner list


in our Magento 1.9 webshop we have a specialzed, local shipping methode, called 'Pick pack Point' which has an address list where the customers can access their stuff. I'd like to refresh this list which seems to be easy by a button (and there is an automated refresh too), however the list won't change on the site. I assume the cache would keep the old data but which one? As i'm new here and the previous webmaster is not accessible i'm avoid to clear all caches before i would know what's in it exacly. If anybody knows about any further info about the mentioned plugin or has any idea, it would be much appercipiated.


Re: Refresh shipping partner list

Hi @Muzurro,


Since that is a paid extension (and also since the code seems to not be available) maybe you should ask the vendor about how to customize the module.

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