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Removing category path from category URLS

Removing category path from category URLS

Hey all,

We have a requirement to remove the category paths from URLs with a site we are converting to Magento. We want the category URLS to be instead of I found how to easily do this for product pages but not for categories themselves.





Re: Removing category path from category URLS

Hello jjohndrow,


You cannot do this with Magento Admin config. You must build some new things. I think it doesn't make a sense and isn't easy, there are some points you should consider:


+Create new Router to match identifiers from categories.(You can see CMS Router: app/core/core/Mage/Cms/Controller/Router.php


+How breadcrumbs show?

+May create new tables, you should take a look core_url_rewrite table.

+Customer experience. 

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Re: Removing category path from category URLS

I already found that you can't do it in the admin and it makes sense when you are converting a site to magento and want to preserve the existing category urls as they are if they are already flattened. 


I ended up using Activo's  "Category URL SEO FREE" and so far its working just as expected. This should be a baseline feature. It already exists for products. Just not Categories. Seems like it was something that was overlooked.