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Responsive attributes for configurable products

Responsive attributes for configurable products

So I have some products that come with all the bells and whistles.


Dropdown selections include:

Core Material - 2 types
    Finishes - a dozen options but some only available for each core material
        Inserts - 4 types
           Sizes - 5 types
               Shapes - 2 types


I realize that this creates 624 variations for one product. I want Magento to be responsive and only display selected Finishes after selecting a Core Material.


Can one attribute change based on another? How could this work? I haven't found anything on this besides overpriced plug-ins. 


Re: Responsive attributes for configurable products

Hi @TywinLannister,

The way of doing that is creating a simple product for each of the specific options that will be available for the configurable product.

If you want, for example, a blue XL shirt, a blue S shirt and a red M shirt, you can create 3 products with those specifications.

Then in the configurable product, when the customer selects "blue" in the first drop-down, the customer will see "XL and S" as options in the second dropdown.

Best regards.


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