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SEO header

SEO header


I have set the header html code in system - configuration - general- design

and I have also change the home CMS page to the header code.

But when i search for my website through google it just shows up as 

'ecochaleur ecochaleur' and the seo description hasnt been changed either,

I am just wondering what I am doing wrong, is there something I have missed?


Re: SEO header

 Hi @shezzaar,


It could be that Google has indexed the old meta data, it sometimes takes a while to re-crawl and update your search results. 


If you view the page source of your homepage, does it show the new title and description you have entered? 


To view the page source, right click on your home page and click "View Page Source" or feel free to reply with a link to your site and I will check for you. 


Smiley Happy

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