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SSL issue

SSL issue



I´ve configured my shop instance* to 'Use Secure URLs in Frontend' (Config -> Web) and the 'Secure Base Url' (Config -> Web) is also set to 'https://domain.tld/'.

Unfortunately there remain a lot of links e.g. in the Main Category Menu and in all blocks using the variable {{store url="page"}} pointing to the 'Unsecure Base Url'. Are there any other configurations besides 'Use Secure URLs in Frontend -> Yes' to force the Magento Frontend to the unexceptional use of https-Urls?


* Magento CE


Re: SSL issue

If you're trying to make the whole site use SSL, set the "Unsecure URL" to be https://xxx , and this will force Magento use SSL for all pages, links, etc...

Re: SSL issue

I'm having the same issue than kempermusic, I changed the code according to your suggestion and it didn't solve, I have an instance with 3 stores and 3 different domains, also my instance domain is different to the other free I have parked in it, when i change my Unsecure URL, it just go once and over to a many redirect err. Do you have any idea about what is happening here??


So my

Unsecure URL:

Secure URL:


Re: SSL issue

So is this a confirmed bug (couldn't find anything) or a feature?


My solution was to extend the .htaccess with the following lines:

    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
    RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

EDIT: I cheered to soon Smiley Frustrated Unfortunately this rule is redirecting the category links to the homepage.

Re: SSL issue

I usually outsource the security component to a third party, like and they solve these things for me.