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SSL on my own shared account

SSL on my own shared account

I have this working now on a zen cart install and wanted to make it work for my new store on Magento.

Now I have a ssl cert installed on my 

I have my store in a add on domain and it can be seen either at or

In Zencart I can use and my site works fine and is under the ssl cert.

I can set it up in Magento using configuration/web and go to secure and enter the url but it does not work because the path is not there on a link going to my Account or login.

Is there another way to make Magento use paths that are correct. I am sure that index.php is getting the path and converting it to the correct one in code.




Re: SSL on my own shared account

It sounds like you're going about it the right way. You need to update your configuration details or the secure url section:


You will then need to flush all caches and refresh the page, and the changes should take effect. 

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Re: SSL on my own shared account

ssl certificate must be issued for top-level domain.

for or


then you can see either one


and you base url must be exactly the same as you type it in browser.

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