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Same atribute, different order id - Is possible?

Same atribute, different order id - Is possible?

Hi guys,


I have a big, big online store with CE 1.9, but I have a BIG problem...


I have a several attributes that have to be introduced in several different product categories, and since the order id of attribute is shared across all categories, In some categories this attribute is displayed in the correct order, in other categories, no.


Is there any way (plugin or whatever) so we can set different display orders for the same attribute?


Example: Attribute "X": Oder id for Category "Y" is "1", for Category "A" is "3".


Thank you for your help.


Re: Same atribute, different order id - Is possible?

Hi @JohnSteve,


Out of the box no - this is not possible.


Am by this answer I am assuming, that when you write Order, you actually means the sorting order of the attributes ?


So this means on product A, 


Attribute A will be the 1.

Attribute B will be the 2.

Attribute C will be the 3.


And on product B

Attribute B will be the 1.

Attribute C will be the 2.



Is this correctly understod ?


Is so, have you tested with entering a sorting order on each attribute with a higher value.




Attribute A

Option 1 - Sorting order 1000

Option 1 - Sorting order 1010

Option 1 - Sorting order 1020

Option 1 - Sorting order 1030


Attribute B

Option 1 - Sorting order 1015

Option 1 - Sorting order 1025

Option 1 - Sorting order 1035

Option 1 - Sorting order 1040


And so on, this could possible make the sorting order work for you in the shop, if not too "many" sorting conflicts of you attributes, hard for me to imagine how many you have.


Looking forward to hear from you. 




-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen / @KentChrDK / Magento Certified Solution Specialist / Visit my site (DK)