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Search inside static blocks

Search inside static blocks

Hi folks,


Maybe you have an idea here ... I'm using the theme Ultimo, which comes with tons of static blocks.

It's hard to determine the right blocks, so I thought: isn't there an extension which searches inside content to find the right page / block?


As an example, check and look at the left top: "Welcome msg!" is something I'd like to remove, but looking for hours now to get the right block. Nothing so far.


Re: Search inside static blocks

Hi @hielkio,



Ultimo is the most popular theme in the marketplace and it comes with extensive documentation.


If I am not mistaken, it includes a list of the blocks and the description that are included in the theme.

Also, I think they provide the content for the static blocks in .txt files to manually setup all of them.


If that is the case, you could search in those text files to see which of the those files is the one that you want to customize.


Best regards.


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Re: Search inside static blocks

Thank you very much Smiley Happy

But I don't see this as a real solution, more like a work-around.

It does the job, but I'd like to see a situation where you can search inside all content, but that's not possible I believe.