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Shipping Origin Issue


Shipping Origin Issue



I'm having an issue with changing the shipping origin via System>Configuration>Shipping Settings.


For some reason, New York does not appear in the list of states to choose from. Has anyone else experienced an issue such as this before?


Any help is appreciated.


Re: Shipping Origin Issue

Have not heard about this issue before and also checked two of my customers that uses different versions of magento and they both get New York listed.. when they have USA as an option

Re: Shipping Origin Issue

Hi @bbsalaska,


Have you some Mage_Directory modification on your store?

New York is available on regions list.


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You can check your database. The table with regions values is: directory_country_region





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Re: Shipping Origin Issue


There must have been some modification. However, it appears that New York is available under the directory_country_region table.


I've followed directions to find a php file to see if there was any regions exclude. No luck yet.

Re: Shipping Origin Issue

I found where the Mage_Directory modification occurred:



$excludeRegions = array ('CA','CT','CO','MD','MA','NJ','NY','DC','IL', 'AF','AC','AM','FM','MP','AS','GU','MH','PW','VI', 'AA','AE','AP');

At least I learned how to install myPHPAdmin through all of this!