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Shipping drops to footer

Shipping drops to footer

Hi guys,


I am on v1.9.1.1 and when a customer checks out they are forced to the bottom of the page at the footer. This happens directly after they have selected their shipping option. So when they are about to Pay the site forces them to the bottom of the screen.


This happens for me on all of my websites on mobile, I am not sure if this happens on PC version as my site fits on one window. 




Re: Shipping drops to footer

also I have logged in on this forum as usual and it seems to have logged me in to another users account? this is not my user name......................

Re: Shipping drops to footer



I am SteveBerrill, not sure how you manage to get signed into my account and post, can you please message magento here


also your issue, what theme are you using? a link to the site would help

Re: Shipping drops to footer

that issue ahppend once the user is not real try to check with real detelis .


good luck