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Shipping methods in multiple website


Shipping methods in multiple website

I have 2 Store Views and 2 Websites in my Magento One of them is for the US and the other one is set to Canada. They are in the same installation and I am using a folder structure to display both websites: and


Everything is working fine, but the Shipping Methods are not showing up in my Canada site. It is very weird because some methods (Table Rates, Free Shipping) are working fine and I can see them on the Canada site, but Fedex and DHL show just on the US site.


I tried to use the inherited scope (Default) in System > Configuration > Shipping Methods and also tried to uncheck the "default" checkbox and have individual settings. Nothing seems to work.


When I try to check out in my Canada website, I can see the DHL log with the address and the call to their API, but the method is not showing up on my checkout page.


Any ideas of what could be the problem?


Re: Shipping methods in multiple website

You need to edit the SKU attribute in the backend and make it available for price rules.

Go to Catalog->Attributes->Manage Attributes, search for the SKU attribute, edit it and set the field Use for Promo Rule Conditions to Yes.


Check this link for more details:


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Re: Shipping methods in multiple website

Hmm, maybe I didn't get it. But looks like your answer has nothing to do with my problem; however, I checked the setup that you told me and the SKU attribute is set as you said. So was not that problem.

Re: Shipping methods in multiple website

The problem was that I needed to go to System > Manage Currency > Rates and add my new currency there. Solved!