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Shopping Cart/Catalog Price Rule Help


Shopping Cart/Catalog Price Rule Help

We use Magento CE  Our site is set up to allow customers that purchase $300-$499 worth of product to receive a 15% discount via a Shopping Cart Price Rule.  Same applies for orders of $500+ (they get 20%).  I am trying to set up a rule that will give certain products on my site a 20% discount for the month but need to make it to where the other discount rules do not apply.  Usually we set the "Stop Further Rules Processing" to Yes to avoid this but it does not seem to be working in this case.  On a test, the items were at their 20% discount but if ordering $300 or more, the additional discounts of 15% and 20% would reduce pricing by even more creating a larger discount than what we are going for.  I've tried setting the price rule for the product's 20% off as a Shopping Cart Price Rule and also as a Catalog Price Rule but received the same results either way.  Any suggestions?




Re: Shopping Cart/Catalog Price Rule Help



Try to set priority and"Stop Further Rules Processing" for rule 20% bigger than for 15% and stop


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