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Shopping Cart Rules don't work at all

Shopping Cart Rules don't work at all

I've created a Shopping Cart rule, it is active, yet it doesn't seem to work at all. Here are my settings:


Rule Information:

Rule Name: Free Shipping

Customer Groups: General, Retailer

Coupon: No Coupon

Users per Customer: 0

From Date: blank

To Date: blank



If ALL of these conditions are TRUE:

Subtotal  equals or greater than  100



Apply: percent of product price discount

Discount Amount: 0

Maximum Qty Discount is Applied To: 0

Discount Qty Step (Buy X): 0

Apply to Shipping Amount: No

Free Shipping: For shipment with matching items

Stop Further Rules Processing: No

Apply the rule only to cart items matching the following conditions (left blank)


It behaves as if the rule isn't active.


Re: Shopping Cart Rules don't work at all

Please disregard this one... Of course I figured it out right after I posted this. I didn't have NOT LOGGED IN selected, and I wasn't logged into my test account.