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Shopping cart price rule with free shipping and discount

Shopping cart price rule with free shipping and discount

I'm trying to set up a shopping cart price rule to create a customer coupon code that accomplishes two goals: 1) 25% off all merchandise, and 2) free shipping if you buy more than one item. I know how to set up a coupon code that accomplishes either one of these functions, but I can't seem to combine the two into one code. The way I have it set up now it works fine for people who buy two or more items. (If total items quantity is greater than 1, then 25% off and free shipping.) The problem is that if a person buys only one item, they don't meet the condition of greater than 1 items in their cart, so the coupon code is rendered invalid. In that case they are charged for shipping (which is fine) but they don't get the 25% discount (which is not). I still want those one-item customers to get the discount, and pay for shipping. Is this even possible?


Re: Shopping cart price rule with free shipping and discount

I don't this is possible out of the box. Magento only allows one coupon code per promotion rule and each promotion rule only provides one set of conditions on when it should apply. This means you can't set the free shipping to be applicable in one situation but the percentage discount in another situation. 


It seems like there's a reasonably small change to Magento required that will allow you to create two separate rules with the same coupon code but there is some risk there as I haven't tried this myself: 

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