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Sitemap.xml syntax error Magento 1.7

Sitemap.xml syntax error Magento 1.7

Hello guys Smiley Happy

I use magento 1.7 and i´m trying to update my sitemap (that was generate in 2014) but i see a problem in it.

I use : Catalog > Google sitemap and them i choose destination patch and sitemap name. No problem, the module generates sitemap.xml .

But when i access my sitemap file i have the following error : Sitemap Syntax Error .

I checked some articles in some foruns but i can´t solve this problem. I some of them, they say that this is a error in url rewrites in magento 1.7 .
The "solution" was truncate the table core_url_rewrite and them reindex all urls by admin, and then try to create the sitemap again.

I did this in a localhost but I continue to get the : Sitemap syntax error.

Anyone has any idea of what is going on ?

Really thanks guys.