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Special Pricing Configurations

Special Pricing Configurations

We are trying to build a small promotional product website, and we need a way to have custom pricing for a few different things:


- Setup charges: This gets charged per imprint color. So if you are ordering 100 keychains with a 3 color imprint there would be 3 setup charges. 


-Additional Imprint Color Charges: This gets charged per imprint color on each item. Example: 100 keychains at $2.00 each with a $0.30 color charge per color making the per unit cost $2.30 for a 2 color imprint.


Any ideas on how to do this?


Re: Special Pricing Configurations

Hello Smiley Wink


You are welcome to try achieve it using Custom Options (one of last sections in left column on product edit page).


Setup example:

- product price per 1 item = $2.00

- custom option 1 = setup charge

-- 1 color = $0.10

-- 2 colors = $0.30

-- 3 colors = $0.50

- custom option 2 = additional imprint color

-- 1 additional = $1.00

-- 2 additional = $2.00



You can also configure Inventory settings for minimum Qty amount, e.g. 100.

When people add items to cart, custom options are multiplied by Qty added, which means you want product price to be per item, not per package Smiley Wink


Here is one of the websites using similar approach:


Magento supports import of products with Custom Options by default, so you do not have to do it manually in Admin panel.

However, plan at least several weeks to put all in place.


Good luck!

Re: Special Pricing Configurations

Thanks! The only problem I see with this is that I cannot break down the setup charges per item because they would be different based on the quantity. 


I like how on the example site it shows the setup charge as a flat rate. Is there a way to do that based on the imprint colors?


Basically I am wanting it to charge like a flat $50 for a 1 color setup $100 for 2 colors etc. I have it setup as you have stated above right now but it is calculating it per item.

Re: Special Pricing Configurations

Hi again,


If you would like to keep default Magento, you can try to combine Bundle Product and Custom Options.

It may do the trick, but you have to be creative to put it all together. I expect Setup to be a Bundle product drop down of Qty = 1, and all other elements to be Custom Options.


Otherwise, you may want to look for some custom solution, especially if you would like it to be more user friendly from management point of view.