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Store View Translation


Store View Translation

Hi there,


I have 1 website, 1 store and 5 store views (each a different language).


I have input all of my products in English, which means the English store view is complete.


However, obviously all these products show up in the other (French, German etc.) storeviews. Which I want, but in their own language. Whats the best way of going about translating these?


Do I need to re upload the products again but from my French/German Amazons (to bring over the translations) and hide each French product from the German store and vice versa? This seems very time consuming, but I cannot think of another way to do it.


Any help would be great!


Cheers, Max.


Re: Store View Translation

Hi Max,


Here are a couple of  topics from the user guide that should help:


Translating Products

Translating Pages 



Re: Store View Translation

Thanks very much, Claire.


Great help!