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Swatches not updating

Swatches not updating



I have just been uploading some new colour swatches for a client, using FTP.  As it is a little quicker than completing through Admin.


But I have just noticed something with one swatch, even though the swatch.png is a different colour, and when uploading it overwrote the previous .png and checking the image URL, the colour swatch remains the same as previous not the updated version. 


So I upload via product admin to make sure I wasn't going bonkers...and still the image isn't updating. 


Has anyone else come across this before?


Re: Swatches not updating



It may be folder permission issue. Give 777 permission to that folder.



Re: Swatches not updating


Sorry for the delay in responding, the media folder already has


I have just uploaded a new image called pharoah.png


The image URL on the website (inspect) is


So I have FTP'd the image pharoah.png to media/catalog/swatches/1/26x26/media/ 


And the image has not changed on front end. 


Then I tried it in the magento admin. but instead of uploading via OCnfigurable product I uploading into the simple product for the colour pharoah.png and it worked?!? 


IT is highly confusing?!?!? 

Re: Swatches not updating

Just tested some more and it seems if I upload an colour swatch image via 'product description' in product admin the colour option image gets uploaded to here:




I have been FTPing here: /media/catalog/swatches/1/26x26/media


I deleted from /media/catalog/swatches/1/26x26/media and now there is no image here:  /media/catalog/swatches/1/26x26/media


and yet the URL of the image:  is still showing there is an image on the server at the URL where I deleted the image.


But now image on front end. 


So I then upload to /media/catalog/swatches/1/26x26/media


And the old image returns, even though I have upload a new image same name different colour!! 


It is driving me potty!!! Smiley Happy 

Re: Swatches not updating

Here's another issue same problem...


This is a product with a 'Duck Egg' colour option, but if you select Size: Single, you get a different image for 'Duck Egg' than you do if you select any other size available in the drop down?? - this is the product, I have checked the URLs of the image and it is the same whatever the size selected, but the colour option for Duck Egg is definitely changing?!?!