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TAX/VAT Reporting and recording

TAX/VAT Reporting and recording

Good Morning,


I was wondering if anyone would be able to give me some insight into how you are currently recording your TAX/VAT.


For example - if we have 200 orders in a day that total £10,000 that are a mix of adults and kids clothing, we cannot enter into our accounts software £10,000 sales - Sales: £8333.33 / VAT: £1666.67. The reason we cannot do this, is that some of the items sold were kids clothing. meaning many of these items don't have VAT on them. The actual figures may be closer to Sales: £9000 / VAT: £1000


How are you guys finding out / reporting on the above situation accurately? Especially when it comes to having multiple sales channels such as a merchant/credit card payment processor and paypal.


I know there is a Report -> Sales -> TAX report, however this just tells us how much VAT we have charegd in a single day/time period - it doesn't split between sales channels, or take other factors into account.


Any help would be greatly appreciated - even if it requires an outside addon.


Kind Regards,




Re: TAX/VAT Reporting and recording

Well here is an extension for this purpose, It allows you sort orders based on VAT, You can list and total the order with and without VAT, You can also export these filtered list in a CSV file for reporting.


Here is the extension link for more details


You can also contact the developer for making a slight changes if required in features.

Re: TAX/VAT Reporting and recording

Tax is always difficult to report on if you have a multi site, multi region site. I reocmmend you look at using an extension as due to TAX/VAT you need to report this correctly.


You can go to Magento Connect and have a look at your options. You could also consider try Moco Insight who handles and reports on the tax by individual store, region and sale.