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Technical support needed

Technical support needed

I'm technically capable of many tasks in magento.  I need some help with some tasks in magento, but I don't need an entire 10 to 60k development.  I need a "magento partner" that will take on jobs where I specify what needs to be done on one site and they do it and I pay them for it.  But all the "magento certified partners" I've tried to contact in the partners lists want to charge for entire projects, in the thousands of dollars range.  I can pay a good rate, but I don't want to pay 60k just to build one eccommerce site.  I could build it all myself, but then I run the risk of not doing it right and getting hacked.  I want to pay someone to do it right. 


For example, I need to have an expert do the security best practices steps, so I am least likely to get hacked.  I don't need the entire install of magento, with theme, and training, and and and... 


I also want someone I can count on when something breaks, to help get it fixed and running again.  I have more than one store I'll want to open in this platform, but not if I can't find affordable support on a per job bid.  I have more than one customer who'd like to move to magento's feature set, but again, not if I can't find some expert support to back me up. 


Can someone recommend one of the partners who would fit my needs?  I've called a bunch of them so far, and if someone could help me narrow it down, I'd be so grateful.