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Text being capped in Bottom Description

Text being capped in Bottom Description

Hi there 


I am new to the Magento online community and I have a question regarding my Bottom Description and text being capped at 200 words. 


Under catalog / manage categories / general 


I have a bottom description set up so that I can add relevant text for SEO purposes at the bottom of each of my category pages, see -

However my Web Developer has set this to 200 words max and I would like to be able to increase it, he wants to charge £100 for a setting change! Please can anyone advise me on how to change this? 


Many Thanks 




Re: Text being capped in Bottom Description

Hi Samantha, first of all, welcome to the community! 


Unfortunately, though, to walk you through this step by step I'd need to know how the text is being capped and where since this isn't default Magento functionality. 


Do you have any development experience? If so, you could browse through possible options like, but it likely isn't something you'd be able to adjust without touching the code.


Community Manager, Magento
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Re: Text being capped in Bottom Description

HI Samantha 


Plz tell how do this bottom Description get me full details...