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Tiered Pricing


Tiered Pricing

Hello, everyone. 


I am looking to set up a Wholesale website, however our company has tiered accounts for example; We want to be able to offer out Tier 1 customers cheaper pricing than tier 3 for products so when they sign up we can assign them a Tier 1 - Tier 3.


Tier 1 - Our best customers (qualify for cheaper prices) Tier 3 less so etc. Is this possible?


Also is there a plugin available for me to make prices only show up on login/Registration


Regards, thank you for your help.


Re: Tiered Pricing

Hi, this sounds like the default functionality of tiered pricing in Magento. You can set a unit price based on quantity purchased but also customer group that is logged in. So Tier 1 can have one unit price and Tier 3 another unit price. 


I don't know of a plugin that hides prices if you aren't logged in but that's not too complex a customisation project if you have a magento developer to hand.

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Re: Tiered Pricing

There is a free plugin for hiding prices if customer is not logged in:


As Tom pointed out to you, there is already Tier pricing in Magento out-of-the-box, and it works exactly how you've described your needs:

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Re: Tiered Pricing

Hi @marketing360uk


You can try this extension to control which products and blocks are visible to each customer group -


For example, you can hide prices from not logged in users. Hope that helps!

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