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Tiny MCE editor is not working

Tiny MCE editor is not working

Hi all

I am a newbie I must admit to Magento but used lots of e-commerce and CMS systems before. I am running CE

Out of the box basically

When i goto CMS from admin and then pages and then select a page and go to Content tab

I dont see anything in the content area

If I click the Show/Hide editor - i see all the HTML div code and i can obviously edit and save and it does work.

However, when I click the Show/Hide again, I quickly see my text but goes back to a blank screen and I can't edit inline directly.

Obviously this would be a problem for staff to know how to edit html code etc

Anyone have a similar issue or can point me to the right place.

I even try to hi-lite in the content box or put my cursor to type - nothing works

I captured the 3 steps in attached images

Thanks all



Re: Tiny MCE editor is not working

Hello DeltaDecisions,


Do you use any extension for WYSIWYG Editor Magento default? I think your issue occurs when using third party extension.

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