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Trouble generating google sitemap

Trouble generating google sitemap


I have tried seraching and aplogise in advance is this Q exists that I have missed.

My webiste sitemap looks odd with code and has following message across the top:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

Does anyone know if this is normal or have I done something wrong?

My site url is:

Any pointers will be much appreciated



Re: Trouble generating google sitemap

How was your sitemap generated? I'm wondering because it has drop-down sections and doesn't have the <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> declaration at the top. The Google Sitemap that is generated from Catalog > Google Sitemap is designed to be read by a bot crawling the store and is plain XML.

The other sitemap that Magento creates for visitors to your store can be formatted as a nested tree or list. A link to the Magento sitemap is typically found in the Quick Links section of the footer.

Ideally, every store should have both types of sitemaps. I hope this helps!



Re: Trouble generating google sitemap

I;m talking about xml sitemap build by built in magento sitemap generator. Suddently it stopped with new magento versions.

Re: Trouble generating google sitemap


First of all - could you check if its enabled in the admin?


Admin > System > Configuration > Google Sitemap > Generation settings.


If it IS enabled.. then you will need to look into the CRON table to see if there are any errors.. there's a couple of ways to do this.. either manually or using an extension.


To do it manually you need to look into the cron_schedule table and look for a row containigng sitemap_generate; if there have been any errors they will usually be shown here.. however this table gets cleaned up by itself so you may have to change some settings in the admin to ensure failures remain in the table for a longer period.. to do this you can find the settings at


Admin > System > Configuration > System  > Cron


Then from in there change the settins for failure history.



If you're not 100% comfortable with looking directly in the tables there is a module called AOE Scheduler; this module will give you a timeline view of all the tasks that have ran on your site including whether or not they have failed / suceeded / been missefd.

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Re: Trouble generating google sitemap

In addition to the above. Also make sure that you have a sitemap added under


Admin > Catalog > Google Sitemap


Good luck!

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Re: Trouble generating google sitemap



I have the same trouble. And don't understand one simple thing.

I have only one option in Google Sitemap directory - Save Config. There is no possibility to create a file. What I do wrong?


UPDATE: Sitemap creation situated not in System - Configuration - Catalog - Google Sitemap, but in Catalog - Google Sitemap.