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Turn shipping methods off for designated customer group

Turn shipping methods off for designated customer group

Hi everyone
I work for a music instrument business which ships items of all weights, sizes and dimensions across the country to schools and music education institutions. Shipping costs and methods vary greatly between schools and institutions with what they require for the records and procedures - which makes it just about impossible to have a simple checkout method or two for this particular customer group. Typically our shipping department calculates each individual order. Some schools need to know this amount before shipping, others are happy to receive an invoice with the goods.
My thoughts are:

1. Somehow modify the free shipping method text / name for this customer group to state that they will be contacted after order is placed to inform them off shipping calculation and service. I am a noob when it comes to programming so can't do anything heavy myself.

2. Completely disable shipping methods for this customer group/sub-domain - but from what I have read I don't believe this is possible?


Any other possibilities?

Thank you so much for your time

All the best